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Presentations: what we've been saying to whom

Womenable President and CEO Julie Weeks, as one of the world's leading authorities on trends in women's entrepreneurship, speaks regularly to a variety of audiences about different aspects of women's enterprise development - ranging from the latest research trends and policy developments to putting that knowledge to action in marketing, outreach, programming and education efforts. She speaks to corporate, financial, entrepreneurial, educational, research and general audiences, and is frequently quoted in the media.

Weeks delivers content that is not only educational, but enlightening, empowering and - perhaps most importantly - actionable. If you are interested in having Ms. Weeks speak at an upcoming conference or seminar, or make a presentation to your corporate marketing executives, women's business association chapter, entrepreneurial support organization, or other group, please contact us by telephone at +1.231.326.3300, or by e-mail at speechrequest@womenable.com.

Here is a sampling of some of Weeks' recent speeches, workshops and seminars. You may also be interested in viewing some of Weeks' past PowerPoint presentations on Womenable's SlideShare page:

  • May 2015: Weeks participated in an international symposium and think tank convened by Women's Enterprise Scotland, entitled "Shifting Gears: Women's Enterprise Moving On" and focusing on what's needed for the next phase of women's enterprise policy and advocacy. Some of the ideas Weeks shared are contained in this June Womenabler blogpost.

  • March 2015: Weeks moderated a "global spotlight" panel discussion at the 2015 Enterprising Women Magazine annual awards and symposium, featuring some of the international awardees from Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Mexico and South Africa.

  • August 2014: Weeks spoke to a hometown crowd at a local Leelanau County discussion group gathering about global and U.S. trends in women's entrepreneurship. The presentation she made is available on SlideShare and is also embedded below:

  • March 2014: Weeks moderated a panel entitled, "It Takes a Village" at The International Alliance for Women's Global Forum in Washington, DC. The discussion focused on the micro (inner drive and confidence), meso (peer support and  enabling organizations), and macro (laws and policies) factors that weave together to support (or in some cases hinder) the growth of women-owned enterprises.

  • September 2013: Weeks co-moderated a workshop focused on the power of mentoring at American Express OPEN's inaugural CEO BootCamp in New York City. After this successful launch, more such events are being planned for 2014-15.

  • 2013: During the course of 2013, Weeks spoke at several events - solo and in panel discussions - focused on the state of women's entrepreneurship in the United States on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988. Such events included the Association for Enterprise Opportunity annual conference, the National Association of Women Business Owners annual conference, the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Cardiff, Wales, and the Women Entrepreneurs of Scotland conference. A sample PowerPoint presentation of the main points shared in these addresses is embedded here.

  • November 2012: Weeks presented a paper, "Federal SME Procurement Outcomes: Implications for Public Policy," co-written with Barbara Orser and Allen Riding of the University of Ottawa, at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference in Dublin, Ireland. The paper utilized data from surveys conducted by Womenable for American Express OPEN's OPEN for Government Contracts program, among other datasets.

  • June 2012: Weeks presented a paper entitled, "Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Comparative Perspective," focused on a research analysis conducted for UNCTAD, at the International Council for Small Business global conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

  • March 2012: Weeks traveled for two weeks through Kosovo and Macedonia, meeting with government officials, organizations, business owners and students about trends in women's entrepreneurship in the United States and globally, at the behest of the U.S. State Department.

  • June 2011: Weeks traveled to London to speak at the 2nd annual We Own It Summit, an event co-organized by Astia and the Kauffman Foundation that was focused on high-growth women's entrepreneurship. See Weeks' observations on this event in this blogpost.

  • June 2011: Weeks shared her observations on lessons to take from the women's enterprise movement in the US at a recent strategy session on what's next for the women's enterprise movement in the United Kingdom. Read more in this Womenabler blogpost.

  • March 2011: Womenable President and CEO Julie R. Weeks, a member of the Enterprising Women advisory board, moderated a "Global Perspectives Forum" panel discussion among women's business thought leaders at the magazine's recent awards celebration. During the discussion, leaders in women's economic development efforts globally as well as in North America, Europe, Afghanistan and Rwanda spoke of their efforts and views of trends in women's economic empowerment globally.