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Connecting the global sisterhood of Womenablers

As a service to the women's business community, Womenable is pleased to provide these links to organizations around the world that also work to enable women's entrepreneurship. They are organized alphabetically within these major categories (click on each one to scroll down to that part of the list):

You may scroll down along the list below to see the full range of womenabling organizations, or click on the category name above to go to a particular section of the list. And if you think there's an important organization or initiative missing from our list, please let us know - we'd like to make sure we're providing the most complete and comprehensive list anywhere.

Happy surfing!

Financial Institutions/Development Banks

African Development Bank: Gender Initiatives (Africa)

Asian Development Bank/Gender & Development (Int'l)

East African Development Bank (Int'l)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Gender in the EBRD (Int'l)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Women in Business portal (Int'l)

Global Banking Alliance for Women (Int'l)

Inter-American Development Bank/Gender Equality in Development (Int'l)

Multi-lateral Investment Fund (of Inter-American Development Bank): Women's Empowerment (Int'l)

SME Finance Forum, Women's Hub) (supported by the International Finance Corporation)

Westpac Bank; Ruby Connection (women's business community) (Australia)

Women's World Banking (Int'l)

Governmental Organizations

National Women's Business Council (US)

National Women's Enterprise Task Force (UK, 2006-2009)

US Small Business Administration: Office of Women's Business Ownership (US)

Womenentrepreneurs.info (European Union)

Women's Business Council (UK)

Women's Leadership in Small & Medium Enterprises (USAID)

Multi-Lateral Organizations

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy

Commonwealth Businesswomen Network

Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, Women's Enterprise Development page

Empower Women page (facilitated by UN Women)

European Commission: Women's Enterprise Activities

European Commission: Women's Entrepreneurship Portal

International Finance Corporation/Women in Business program

International Labour Organization - Women's Entrepreneurship Development

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Gender at the OECD Development Centre

Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development: LEED Program

OECD-MENA Women's Business Forum (MENA)

United Nations Development Program: Gender Issues

UN Gender Statistics

UN Millennium Development Goals

UN Women: The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

WINNET8, Women's Business Resource Centre Network (Europe)

UN - WomenWatch (Interagency Network on Women and Gender Equality)

World Bank/Doing Business web site


World Bank/Gender & Development

Non-Governmental Organizations

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (Canada)

Association of Scottish Businesswomen (Scotland)

Association of Women's Business Centers (US)

Association for Women's Rights in Development (Int'l)

BRIDGE: Gender and Social Movements (Int'l)

CARE (Int'l)

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (Int'l)

Data 2X

Global Banking Alliance for Women (Int'l)

Global Fund for Women (Int'l)

Kauffman Foundation: State of the Field (gender page) (Int'l)

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project (Int'l)

PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise (Canada)

Quantum Leaps (Int'l)

The Third Billion (Strategy&-Int'l)

Vital Voices (Int'l)

Women Entrepreneurship Platform - WEP (European Union)

Women for Women International (Int'l)

Women in Rural Enterprise (UK)

Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (Canada)

Women's Enterprise Organizations of Canada (Canada)

Women's Enterprise Scotland (Scotland)

Women Thrive Worldwide (formerly Women's Edge) (Int'l)

World Economic Forum: Women Leaders & Gender Parity Community (Int'l)

Research/Education Centers

ATGENDER: The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation (Europe)

CAWTAR-Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (Int'l)

The Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College (US)

The Diana Project (US)

FIELD: Microenterprise Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination (US)

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Women and Enterprise reports (Int'l)

International Center for Research on Women (Int'l)

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): Gender and Institutions Development Database (Int'l)

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD): Gender and Development page (Int'l)

United Nations Statistics Division: World's Women reports (Int'l)

UN WomenWatch: Statistics and Indicators (Int'l)

US Census Bureau-Economic Surveys (US)

Wellesley Centers for Women (US)

WIEGO - Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (Int'l)

Women's Economic Empowerment Roadmap (An initiative of the UN Foundation and the ExxonMobil Foundation)

World Bank/EnGENDER IMPACT (Int'l)

World Bank: GenderStats (Int'l)

World Economic Forum: Women Leaders & Gender Parity Community (Int'l)

Women's Business Blogs/Online Communities

Blogher (Int'l)

Feministing: Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass (US)

ForbesWoman (US)

herBusiness blog (Australia)

Sylvia Ann Hewlett: HBR leadership blog (US)

Huffington Post/Women (US)

International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship RSS newsfeed (Int'l)

Lionesses of Africa (Africa)

The Next Woman (Int'l)

News on Women (US)

20-First: Avivah's blog (Int'l)

UN Gender Equality News Feed (Int'l)

The Ventureneer (US)

Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global blog (Int'l)

The Womenabler Blog (US/Int'l)

Women 2.0 (US)

Women's Business Networks

Arab Women's Leadership Institute (MENA)

Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen ((AFAEMME)

Athena International (Int'l)

Coalition of Women's Business Associations (Romania)

Enterprising Women (UK)

Global Summit of Women (Int'l)

Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (Int'l)

The International Alliance for Women (Int'l)

Les Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales (Int'l)

National Association of Women Business Owners (US)

Network of Entrepreneurial Women WorldWide (Int'l)

Ruby Connection (Australia)

United Succes (Int'l)

WEConnect International (Int'l)

Women Entrepreneuship Platform - WEP (European Union)

Women Impacting Public Policy (US)

Women's Business Enterprise National Council (US)

Women's News Media

Enterprising Women magazine (US)

Forbes magazine: ForbesWoman page (Int'l, but US-centric)

Global Media Monitoring Project (Int'l)

International Women's Media Foundation (Int'l)

IPS GenderWire (Int'l)

Minorities and Women in Business magazine (US)

Vitamin W (Int'l)

Women News Network (Int'l)

Women's E-News (Int'l)

The Women's International Perspective (Int'l)

Women's Post (Canada)

World Pulse (Int'l)

Women in Corporations/Corporate Initiatives for Women's Economic Empowerment

Catalyst (Int'l but US-centric)

Coca-Cola Five by Twenty Initiative (Int'l)

Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women Initiative (Int'l)

McKinsey & McKinsey Global Institute: Women Matter (Int'l)

20-First (Int'l)

UN Global Compact: Women's Empowerment Principles (Int'l)

Walmart Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative (Int'l)

Women's Investment Funds

Astia (US/UK/India)

Global Fund for Women (Int'l)

Golden Seeds (US)

Stargate Capital: Trapezia Fund (Europe)

Texas Women Ventures (US)